Friday, July 1, 2022
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Would you like to see the return of 2 winter league pre-season games prior to the start of the regular season for 2022-2023?
YES. Pre-Season Plus Regular Season
NO. Straight to Regular Season.

About Us

The Western Recreational Adult Hockey League (WRAHL) is a recreational non-contact ice hockey league for Calgary and the surrounding area players.

Our Mission Statement

"Provide a well organized and managed recreational ice hockey league for adults of all skill levels in Calgary and the surrounding area. The league will foster and encourage its participants a need for fitness, a desire for increased recreational activity, and to build a strong and lasting fellowship among its players, teams, and to outside leagues and organizations."

Who We Are

Established in 2003, WRAHL is known for being a League for its members. We are in constant contact with our Team GM's throughout the season and have learned from players how this game should be played. 

We work hard constantly over the year to offer the BEST hockey experience possible offered anywhere. We have one of the best ice times in the city and as always, we are very proud to remain the most affordable option for rec hockey in Calgary.

What We Do 

The league supplies the following:

  • Regular season & Post-Season schedules
  • Prime ice times (no late times!)
  • Timekeeper
  • Two referees
  • Comprehensive website for news, statistics and schedules
  • BIG LEAGUE EXPERIENCE with live video and commentary with play-by-play calls in the playoff finals (unique to WRAHL!)

More info here: Winter League | Summer League

Team compliments from current and past seasons

  • The efforts you and your team put into this league are unparalleled. Long Cuts.
  • I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know the two gentlemen who did our game last night were excellent, as were the officials we had for the last few games heading into the break.  Please pass along the positive feedback and thank them for their efforts. Scratch n' Sniff.
  • I will second those kudos to the WRAHL and your team.  Thanks to everyone for keeping this rolling and keeping us on the ice! Wolverines.
  • Really great job here.  I give you and your team a ton of credit for pulling this all together it could not have been easy. Please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone involved. Vipers
  • I am not sure if anyone has reached out to you guys to say thanks for your effort, persistence, planning and communication with regards to trying to restart the season. I for one am grateful for your combined efforts as I miss playing so much. The carrot of completing this season still dangling in front of us keeps me positive and helps me to remain positive for the people around me who are struggling. I have always thought of everyone at WRAHL as some of the best people in hockey, and the last year plus has just reinforced that. The consistent communication alone is head and shoulders above any other league in the city. Thanks again for everything you all have done, hope we see you on the ice soon.
  • I know it is early but I have had my team in xxxxx and xxxx the last two years and I have already received more support and communication from you than I did from the other leagues in both years combined so thanks. Alberta Mountain Air.
  • What a great league! Very well organized and a league that shows they care for the teams involved. Firebirds.
  • I wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for another great season we really enjoyed it and are already excited for next year.   We appreciate all you do for us and the league. Enjoy the summer and see you in September. Pcuks.
  • I wanted to thank you and your team on a great job season after season. I am sure most of the emails you get are people (including myself) moaning and groaning and I thought a positive email might be a little refreshing. With your steady improvements of ice times, reffing and parity through the divisions it truly is a pleasure to play in WRAHL. Mighty Pucks.
  • I just wanted to thank you for how informative you are on WRAHL. I've had a chance to speak with commissioner amongst different leagues and feel you provided the necessary details for a team to make their decision, was impressively quick with responding to inquiries, and I really appreciate the efforts you have made and look forward to working with you.
  • I just want to thank you for all the hard work you guys put into this league. Its one of the best in Calgary and I know the Marshalls teams are happy to be here and not somewhere else.
  • And this is why this is the best league in the city right now.
  • A bunch of us that were on the team were not enjoying the attitudes or actions of some of the other players and decided to make a change ourselves. I am sure you can see from summer that the team is much more about playing hockey and not about the other BS.
  • Just wanted to get your thoughts on the matter before we make a decisions. One things for sure, refs, league, teams.... WAYYYY classier and better than the xxxxx, WAY classier. You have a top notch league here my man, be proud of that :-) we noticed it IMMEDIATELY.
  • No League we would rather be in.
  • You guys run a clean tight lovely ship, happy to keep skating under the WRAHL banner.

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