Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Would you like to see the return of 2 winter league pre-season games prior to the start of the regular season for 2022-2023?
YES. Pre-Season Plus Regular Season
NO. Straight to Regular Season.

Player of the Week
Posted By: Statistics
Saturday, October 1, 2022

Congratulations to Tyler Elder of the Weekenders for being selected as this week’s WRAHL Player of the Week.

In the first three games, Tyler has accumulated 8 points with five being from assisting other teammates. Combining with no penalties, Tyler is showing how being part of a team is more than scoring goals.

Well done Tyler and keep up the great work

Important Roster Rules
Posted By: Operations Manager
Thursday, September 29, 2022

We are seeing an increase of non-registered players showing up to games. We felt this would be a good opportunity to remind everyone of the League's roster rules. Be aware, the officials should be calling a delay of game penalty, and the team GM or on-ice captain may face discipline or possibly a forfeited game.

Teams are allowed to bring in new players, as long as they have room on their roster. New players MUST be pre-registered with the League by filling in their waiver form as far in advance as possible, not minutes before puck drop.

The rules have evolved with feedback from GM'S and benchmarking vs. other leagues. The average roster size in the WRAHL is slightly over 18 players. Having consistent rosters also helps the league keep the divisions as evenly skilled as possible. 

  • The maximum teams can have on the roster is 25. 
  • Teams are initially allowed 16 full time players.
  • The roster cut off is December 31st.
  • Spare players can play a max of 5 games and do not qualify for playoffs. Only full-time players with a minimum of 10 games played can play in the playoffs.
  • Spare players MUST have a full -time sponsor player from the current roster. 
  • Once a player plays a game, they cannot be removed.
  • If the roster is maxed out, the only way to bring on a new player would be to remove a player who has not played any games, and this takes place prior to December 31.
  • DO NOT use a player playing under another player's identity. 

Any questions, please reach out to your team GM

Official of the Week
Posted By: Head Official
Saturday, September 24, 2022

Our Official of the week for September 25, 2022, is Mel D.

Mel joined WRAHL in January of this year and so far has done 52 games with us. Her last game was at the Flames Community Arena for the Weekenders v. Blues on September 22. Following the game she also recevied a kudos from a player: "The Power Performer could also have been the DJ".

The Keepers of the Time is a challenging position. Running the clock, managing the rosters, keeping track of all the statistics, and assisting the on-ice officials, would keep anyone busy for the 1.25 hours.

Thank you to Mel and all hockey Time Keepers for allowing us to stay on the ice and being such a critical aspect of the game.

Accessing the Olympic Oval Rink
Posted By:
Friday, September 23, 2022

All participants MUST use the tunnel entrance to access the south rink for playing hockey. Do not step on the track ice.

The Olympic Oval was North America's first covered speed skating oval. It was built for the 1988 Winter Olympics and opened 35 years ago on September 27, 1987.

The 400m long-track ice that surrounds the hockey rink can be easily damaged with players who use this surface to 'short cut' to and from the dressing rooms.

If players are indentified, there could be a finanicial penalty and/or the team may not be permitted future facility use.

At present, hundreds of Canadian athletes are training at the Oval year round. Let's do our part to ensure we are treating the facility with respect and ensuring our contribution of success to the next Olympic athletes.

New Website Is Now Live
Posted By: Admin
Friday, September 2, 2022

We are pleased to announce the new WRAHL.COM is here! New features include: 

We are pleased to announce the new WRAHL.COM is here! New features include: 

Additional Features coming soon (this season)

Add to Calendar button for queried schedule games
Live game scoring
Team and player milestones
Team management features (player attendance, game notifications)

Winter 2022-23 Begins
Posted By: Admin
Friday, August 19, 2022

WRAHL is back for our 19th year.
In partnership with our partners we are incredibly excited to announce the season will begin September 6, 2022. 
We have been working hard over the summer months to offer you all the BEST hockey experience possible offered anywhere.
As you will see we have one of the best average ice times in the city and as always, we are very proud to remain the most affordable option for rec hockey in Calgary.
Game on! 
Smoking & Alcohol
Posted By: Admin
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Please remember that either SMOKING or ALCOHOL consumption is NOT allowed on arena property. This includes not only inside the facilities but also the surrounding area such as the parking lot.
As per Rules and Regulations, ANY player of a team who is found violating this rule may result in the ENTIRE teams expulsion from the League.
We respect choices of players but understand many of the rinks we use have establishments that are licensed for this type of activity.
Do not let one occurance ruin your team's continued participation in the League.
2022 - 23 Winter Regular Season League Leaders
Derek Chudyk
Scratch N' Sniff
Carson Taylor
Alberta Mountain Air
Dallyn Burton
Calgary Cowboys
Ryan Hendrix (A)
Calgary Testeagles
Caleb Pierce
Calvin Metcalf
Cow Punchers
Andrew McLeod
Dave Morris
Scratch N' Sniff
Lukas Biensch
Calgary Testeagles
Kyle Surgenor
Mountain Beers
Dave Morris
Scratch N' Sniff
Caleb Pierce
Dallyn Burton
Calgary Cowboys
Carson Taylor
Alberta Mountain Air
Derek Chudyk
Scratch N' Sniff

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